2021 Remodeled Home Tour – Lynnwood Reinvented

Irons Brothers Construction Kitchen After Image
Lynnwood Reinvented

This “forever home” was built in the early 2000s and revitalized for a working couple on the move.

The entire first floor of this Lynnwood home was fully revamped. Once the model-unit of the housing development, this home was redesigned bringing it into the present era. The entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, and family rooms were fully redesigned. The kitchen, being the centerpiece was remodeled to improve traffic flow and optimize storage. This was done by rearranging the cabinetry layout. The room now includes a pantry, with built-in refrigerator and coffee station. Our client can’t wait for their morning cup!

Their old peninsula was replaced with a spacious and functional island, with seating for 3. The storage side of the island includes pull-out storage drawers and a built-in microwave. Placing the microwave within hands-reach is safe and easy for all users, even their grandchildren. This placement meets universal design principles. The sink area has ample counterspace for meal prep and baking. While the adjacent open shelving, made from reclaimed wood, displays serving dishes and family heirlooms, adding dimension to the room. A custom range hood in matching cabinet hues pulls the colors all together, including the beautiful gloss tile backsplash.

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