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A Queenanne Getaway-A Natural Spa Oasis

The objective for this Get-A-Way was to create an oasis inspired by natural elements. By adding a luxurious soaking bath and shower to their detached studio above the garage, we created a calming, spa-like retreat for the homeowners to relax and enjoy after riding horses or spending time outdoors. The space also doubles as a guest house, where they now have a waitlist.

Drawing from the natural surroundings of the treehouse-like setting, an assembly of durable, porcelain tiles (inspired by elements of wood and stone), along with a back-beveled Quartz tub surround helps bring the outdoors into the space.

Some design features include:

  • A durable, easy to clean tub surround. It alludes to the large boulders that one may encounter during a hike in the Pacific Northwest.
  • The retro plumbing fixtures give the setting a classic feel.
  • Lining the recessed niche with a dark tile set amidst a lighter tile creates some dimension and depth in the space.
  • Convenient storage shelving at the end of the tub is lined with salvaged wood from the demolished flooring, celebrating the concept of reuse and conscientious care for the environment.
  • A border of decorative tile creates a seamless visual transition between tile and wood flooring and continues along the wall pulling the design together and creating a cohesive, inviting space.
  • A remotely controlled heated floor, and radiant electric heat- warm the interior and provide an elevated level of luxury.

A few construction details:

  • The studio space above the garage was only accessible up a narrow walkway on a steep sloping hill. This created challenges for material and tool delivery, especially the 100-gallon tub.
  • The Quartz tub surrounds intricate design required specific installation techniques to achieve the beautiful mitered edge and back beveling.
  • A very energy-conscious client, (more so than most clientele) required creative plumbing, electrical, and mechanical plans. An underground tankless water system was installed from their home to the getaway. This along with added shutoffs would let them determine how water and energy conservative they wanted to be, given the season and occupancy of the space.

This space celebrates the clients’ love for nature and simplicity and serves as a perfect haven at the end of a long day, or anytime at all.

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