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Bothell Award-Winning Outdoor Living Addition

Outdoor living makes your home’s square footage and livable space feel much larger. These homeowner’s desired to create an outdoor structure on the back of their home to help them enjoy the outdoors year-round under cover. Ultimately the addition to their home has brought them so much more than this!

This 1980’s home was living up to the family’s general needs, until the rainy season sets in and they become somewhat home-bound due to weather constraints. With two boys and a large dog this can pose some challenges. To enhance their home’s livability this family of four worked with our team to design and add an outdoor covered patio. This structure not only added covered seating area, but it enhances the look and feel of their entire backyard.

The addition was built onto the rear of their home, adjacent to their newly remodeled kitchen and family room. With the primary concern being design and style, material selections and architectural design focused on a structure that would complement the existing roofline and would not block the view from the upper bedroom windows.

The wood wrapped columns were softened with beautiful brick and masonry details at the base which replicates the brick-work on the front of their existing home. In conjunction with this project, the whole home received a fresh new paint color in a blue hue. This compliments the grays of the patio as well as the tones of the wood and brick columns.

To achieve any cost savings possible, the back-yard structure’s plans were designed and added during their interior kitchen remodel which included the addition of a larger set of two steps off the French doors. The rear awning was no longer needed, and the large bay window was removed during the interior kitchen remodel. The structure was attached to the rear of the home with roof pitch and materials used to complement the existing home’s design and front façade.

Lastly, to allow for all-season use, gas was plumbed not only to their BBQ and smoker, but also to the two commercial-grade gas powered heaters that were installed. These were placed south facing in the structure’s ceiling aiming directly at the seating area for comfort. Recessed lighting and blue tooth speakers were installed in the ceiling and a beautiful hanging pendant tops off the details.

Day or night this new space glows with beauty and warmth.

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