You Will Flip Over This Kitchen Remodel

Irons Brothers Construction

This rambler’s small kitchen was dysfunctional and out of touch with our client’s needs. She desired a larger footprint without an addition or expanding the footprint to stay within a realistic budget for her homes size and neighborhood.

The existing kitchen was “boxed-in” at the back of the house. The entrance from the hallway was very narrow causing congestion and cramping the cook. In the living room the existing fireplace was a room hog, taking up the middle of the house. The kitchen was isolated from the other room’s downstairs.

The design team and homeowner decided to open the kitchen, connecting it to the dining room by removing the fireplace. This expanded the interior floor space. To create further integration amongst the spaces, the wall opening between the dining and living room was also widened. An archway was built to replicate the existing arch at the hallway & living room, giving a more spacious feel.

The new galley kitchen includes generous workspaces and enhanced storage. All designed for this homeowners’ specific needs in her kitchen. We also created a kitchen peninsula where guests can sit and enjoy conversations with the cook. (After 5,6) The red Viking range gives a fun pop of color to offset the monochromatic floor, cabinets and counters. It also plays to her Stanford alumni colors.

One of our favorite and most notable features of this kitchen is the “flip-out” window at the sink. This creative solution allows for an enhanced outdoor living experience, without an expansive remodel or addition. When the window is open the party can happen inside and outside with an interactive experience between spaces. The countertop was installed flush to the window, specifically designed as a cocktail/counter rail surface.

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